We spent an awesome night with friends on Capitol Hill in Seattle. It was my first time to The Wild Rose and I loved it!

I was excited to find an excuse to wear the shirt-mod I had made almost a year ago. I went to see a comedian and he was selling shirts that said “I Like Girls” on them and I had to get one. He only had XLs left so I took that sucker home, grabbed my scissors, and, for the first (and last?) time in my life, actually completed a Pinterest project!

It really was the perfect night to wear it, not only because, well duh, but because there was a dude out that night with a sweatshirt that said “I like girls who like girls,” which I wanted to find offensive and anti-feminist, but the situation was just too perfect. I gave him a condescending nod and giggled about it later.

Holly and I were supposed to be sharing a double room with two of our friends but somehow ended up getting put into a room with a single queen sized bed. Me & my girlfriend and two of our friends. One queen sized bed. No. I love my friends, but no.

The situation was a full on fiasco that, before the night was over, involved a screaming match at the front desk (that wasn’t us), a fold out bed, ANOTHER occupant in our room, the floor, That 70s show blasting at full volume, and a zebra-striped onesie. But it really is a funny story to tell, plus we ended up spending less than $50 for the room when it was all said and done, so no complaints!