In a happy coincidence, Holly and I both had yesterday off work. Not one to waste an opportunity, Holly suggested we take the drive two hours west to Leavenworth, a little novelty town up in the Cascades, just outside of the Wenatchee National Forest.

The weather has been a bit fickle in Ephrata recently, alternating between windy, single-digit temperatures and sunny, fifty-degree weather. Most of the snow that dumped a few weekends ago melted off last week, leaving the scenery looking very muddy, very brown, and very dead. However, just outside of Wenatchee, the snow started falling in big, fat, chunky flakes.


It was fantastic! Thirty degrees, no wind, just big, delicious flakes of snow falling silently straight down on two girls walking through little Bavarian village in the mountains. Aside from my wet socks, it was pretty damn romantic.

We headed home after sandwiches and beer at the Baren Haus (steak and hefe for her, schnitzel and lager for me). The snow was still falling as we left, making a big, fluffy blanket on trees, shops, cars and people.

We spent the evening cuddling on the couch drinking wine and eating cheese from the Leavenworth cheesemonger.

It was pretty close to a perfect day.