It’s been two weeks since Holly started working (more than) full time again. It’s amazing and difficult and weird!

Amazing because Holly is built to work and work hard. She about went crazy for the two months she was on part time and the change in her mood and attitude since starting back up again is huge. This girl just thrives on work! Not gonna lie, it’s also nice being a two-income household again too!

Difficult because she’s on swing shift. This means she goes to work at 2:00, I come home at 5:00, go to bed around 10:00 and she comes home about midnight. It was so nice coming home to her most days and spending the evening together. And weekends! None of that happens these days.

Weird because I’m suddenly doing all these things I never wanted to do when Holly was home. Like chores…and exercise. I have spent more one-on-one time with my friends in the past two weeks than I have in the past two months. If I have her home, I want to be with her. Like, on the couch next to her. It’s made me realize that when we do get on the same schedule I am going to eventually have to learn how to do these things even when she IS around. In the past, I’ve loooooved my alone time. My favorite part about being single was being alone! I still like being alone, but not if I have the chance to spend time with Holly.

I’d be so much more productive if I didn’t like her so damn much!


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