Why a blog about…a couple?


Holly and I both love to write and are the kind of people who update social media religiously. So blogging about our lives together is just kind of fun. It’s a chance to journal about all of the ups and downs of our relationship, the sweet and silly moments, and the beautiful things that Holly says. And it’s an opportunity to share something special with you.

All fluff aside, we actually have a kind of a sweet story, and it seems like that kind of thing just feels good to hear about. We’re both incredibly lucky to have found a honest-to-god soul-mate in one another and all the excitement and love and feeling-goodness just kind of spills out.

Beyond that, there are ups and downs to our relationship. Aside from normal relationship growing-pains, I (Sarah) come from a very Christian background, so our relationship has not always been easy for my loved ones to accept. It can be challenging, heartbreaking, at times but it makes what we have real. So, we hope reading our story makes you happy, is encouraging, and is maybe even occasionally inspiring.