A friend said something to Holly and I a few days ago that I thought was very sweet. We were eating at Pita Pit for probably the 4th time in a week (omgsogooood!) and she said:

“I love reading your guys’ Facebook posts! I think you’re the other Epic Love.”

We must have looked confused because she went on,

“Well I think (my boyfriend) and I are an Epic Love and you guys are as in love as we are.”

There have been a few times that someone has commented on Holly and my Facebook posts. We are both social media addicts and talk to each other almost as much on Facebook as we do in real life. It is probably vaguely narcissistic, but I know I like for other people to know how amazing I think Holly is, and it’s always fun for other people to see that she loves me too. In general, our relationship is pretty public.

That can be a two edged sword, sometimes it annoys people to see “mush” in their News Feed, but it seems that plenty more enjoy it (or at least are entertained by it) because it usually feels good to see people in love.

That’s why what this friend said was so sweet. She is very in love with her significant other, but she brought us into her happy, love-soaked little world: “Look! We’re all in love, isn’t that awesome?” And that felt really special.

I hope the love in your life, whether it be romantic, between friends, for your children, family, or chihuahua, is “epic” and that you share that love with the world!