Happy Independence Day!

Not only is it Independence Day, we also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington this week. It strikes me, as I write this, that our nation is experiencing a similarly epic culture shift in civil rights history as marriage equality is passing in each state like big, beautiful, rainbow dominoes.

As people rage against institutionalized prejudices, forewarn the failing of our Constitution, or decry the moral decay of this great nation, I can’t help but feel incredibly blessed. Centuries after we fought for our independence and declared the US it’s own nation, I live in a place where fighting for your freedom and your rights is still celebrated.

Today is kind of significant for us as we met for the first time on July 5th of last year.

I remember, I was standing in what is now our kitchen with my then roommate getting ready to meet some friends for a drink, when I told her about this girl I had been Facebook stalking who looked really cool.

“I’m just going to message her and ask how I know her.”
“Do you know her? I thought you said you hadn’t met her,” she asked.
“No, but she doesn’t know that! She added me, it’s not crazy or weird to ask how I know her, is it?”
“I guess not, but you already know you have never met her?”
“Yes, but if I wasn’t sure, it’d be normal to ask…yes? That’s not creepy, right?”
“Fuck it, I’m just going to do it.”

This was on a Friday, we hung out again that Sunday, and on Monday she showed up at my work with flowers (is it any wonder I fell in love?). We spent time together the following weekend and off and on during the week and, within two weeks, I was telling my roommate that I, a barely out of the closet baby-queer, was falling head over heels for this girl I had just met.

So happy 5th of July, friends and lovers: be free, follow your heart, love each other, and have a great weekend.