I have come to accept that I am ridiculously meta. I spend more time organizing for doing than actually doing and then I organize my organization! Months ago, I imported the OBB Checklist into my Google Calendar
Since I’m a Google whore (and my brother works for Google, go team!) a lot of my tools are Google products. It would be insanely awesome if all of these things just automatically merged with one another, but they don’t.

  • Pinterest – idea gathering
  • Facebook – communication
  • Evernote – long-form note taking, idea gathering, document storage, to do lists, reminders
  • WordPress.com -Wedsite (Information gathering, updates, RSVP, Registry, Invitations, Ceremony Program)
  • IFTTT – gathering photos & videos from our wedding guests
  • Drop Box – collaborating, gathering photos and videos from our wedding guests
  • Google Drive – document storage, collaborating, planning spreadsheets, document creation
  • Google Calendar – appointments, tasks/to do lists, reminders
  • Google Now – reminders
  • Google Keep – reminders, to-do lists, short form note-taking
  • Gmail – communication, document storage
  • Google Inbox – I’m not really sure about this one yet…
  • Paypal – Modified “registry

Any suggestions for other sites or utilities?