We’ve set a date, booked a photographer and begun to talk about how to pay for things like food, drinks, chairs etc. Although we can’t complain, neither of us makes excessive amounts of money, so we really are going to have smart and scrimp-ey with our money for the next 9 months (270 days 7 hours and 59 minutes).

Then our water heater broke.

No really, it burst forth with torrents of water. This unit was installed in our house some time in the early 70s so it had a good long life and decided to celebrate it’s death by dumping 50 gallons of water in the basement. But, thankfully, the basement floor is concrete so there wasn’t really any water damage.

We did, however, have to shut off our water supply to the whole house as our water heater was not installed with a shut off valve. We also needed a new water heater. So we called a plumber, which is always a terrible idea. I hate plumbers (sorry plumbers). I am not sure why I hate them more than electricians or contractors or other folks you hire to fix your house, I just do. I hate plumbers.

This plumber was very nice, but wanted almost $1,300 for the job. So we nicely told him to go away (after paying $150 for him to come out and tell us our water heater was broken. I HATE PLUMBERS!). So the expensive plumber left but we were still without hot water. Or water of any temperature.

Enter Holly’s Amazing Family who purchased and installed a new water heater for us (for 1/4 the price).

I hate plumbers but I love family 🙂

All this to say, saving for a wedding is HARD.