I’ve been to in a wedding or two in my day. You have too, so I’m sure you have noticed that certain songs have, for better or worse, become “standard” at weddings.

But I gotta tell you, I freaking hate the Chicken Dance. I think I liked that song the first 3 times I heard it at the roller rink at 11, but the song had soured by the time I turned 12. But, I’ll be the first person to jump up and dance my ass off to Cupid Shuffle. So the point is that everyone has a different standard for “annoying.” Truth be told, there is a reason these songs became popular: They are (or were) good/catchy/easy to dance to.

I’ll admit that, as much as I want to be original and cool, I can’t help but love certain songs. It’s overplayed to death, but how can you not love Don’t Stop Believin’?

THIS is how, Sarah, like THIS!!!

So I put it to you: Which songs have passed the point of no return and which ones still get you dancing/crying?

(Sorry, the Chicken Dance is off the table. I gotta draw a line somewhere!)



If you are S-H-O-C-K-E-D that a song is on that list, comment and let me know why!!!