The Ice Bucket Challenge is a social awareness campaign and fundraiser that has been blowing up social media over the past several weeks. The premise of the challenge is that you have a choice of either donating $100 to ALS research or dumping a bucket of water on your head. But the reality is that many people who participate in this challenge do both. There is no one policing this campaign to make sure that people are actually donating or not, it’s just a fun way of bringing awareness to a terrible disease and hopefully raising some money.

Holly’s parents challenged us last weekend so this is the result.

There’s been a bit of skepticism recently about the value and effectiveness of this campaign. People are claiming that it’s simply trendy, that people aren’t actually even aware of what they’re doing and just going around wasting water for no reason other than to seem cool. This is a valid concern, although it’s unfortunate that people assume that social activism isn’t as legitimate as other kinds of activism simply because it’s on social media..

To, hopefully, alleviate any of these concerns, the ALSA has reported it has received $41.8 million in donations as a result of this challenge. Other ALS charities have also reported huge spikes in donations. Certainly there are plenty of people who don’t know what ALS is or don’t care, this blog post is evidence that one of those people was positively affected by this challenge.

Here is some background on how this campaign came about:

In case you’re wondering, yes, we also donated to the ALSA, and you should to!