We’ve already celebrated once with a cute little hometown pub crawl on Saturday. I had the obligatory Guinness, some Irish death (best beer ever) and my first Harp! Holly is on a hefe kick so that’s all she drinks these days…apparently she doesn’t know the rules about St Paddy’s Day: Irish or green beer only! Or maybe it didn’t count because it wasn’t actually St Paddy’s. The day turned out lucky regardless, we won like 7 things in a raffle! That may have been because we were pulling tickets for 4 different people. Or it may have been because Holly is actually a leprechaun.

In any case, we had a great time and, even though we were in bed before 10 pm (early morning shifts, boo), it was a pretty awesome warm-up for today.

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I am not sure what exactly makes St Patrick’s day such an important holiday in the states, especially this far from Boston, but I have a hunch it has a lot to do with beer. It’s kind of one of those Holidays that we celebrate without really thinking about why we do it, like Valentine’s Day, which kind of bothered me so I did a 30 second internet search to figure out what the hell we are celebrating.

Surprise! It’s Jesus! Or, more accurately, the arrival of Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century via folks like St Patrick. Like most other countries, prior to that time, Ireland was primarily polytheistic. According to the stories, St Patrick used the shamrock, a three-leaved clover, to demonstrate the concept of the Christian trinity.

In true amnesic fashion, it is now customary to commemorate this Christian holiday by celebrating luck, four-leaved clovers and debauchery. Erin go Bragh!

*language warning*