Holy crap this is getting crazy! I really need to stop changing the “Due Date” on my Tasks List. Christmas is only a few days away and after New Year’s it’s a blink away from our wedding.

I gave an update a few months ago about what was currently on my “To-Do” list including:

  • Meet with DJ & Ceremony Musicians
  • Meet with Caterer
  • List for rental company (still needs a few additions)
  • Honeymoon Viva Italia!
  • Mail Save the Dates
  • Fitting for Holly

Not on the list, but also done:

  • Purchased items for centerpiece & other decor items (huge love to my future in-laws for their help on this!!)
  • Purchased table linens
  • Talked to florist

I didn’t realize until right now how much I had gotten done! I tend to focus on the things yet to do without realizing what’s already been accomplished! While we still need to finalize our menu with the caterer, they’re booked for both the wedding and rehearsal dinner! We have met with our DJ and hammered out a lot of details there, but still have to meet with our ceremony musicians, that’s scheduled for after the holidays.

Here are the next batch of items on my list!

  • Accessories for both brides’ outfits
  • Send information/confirmation to Bridal Henchman
  • Book extra servers and parking attendants
  • Meet with officiant
  • Lock in people doing special readings
  • Design Invitations
  • Design Programs
  • Name change
  • Book hair/makeup
  • Care packages for restrooms
  • “Oh Sh*t” Kit
  • Finalize menu for wedding and rehearsal dinner

Five months, kids!!