Today’s not a landmark day or anything, I believe we’re 67 days to the wedding (!!!!) and, yes, there are plenty of exciting things going on (invitations going out this week, Holly’s parents made us a gorgeous arbor, we’ve ordered flowers and we made the last payment to our photographer, among other things), but today’s just a good day to think about why we’re getting married.

The last few weeks have been challenging for both Holly and I for a few different reasons. There are challenges at Holly’s work, I’m working through residual fallout from some broken relationships from a few years ago, and we’re still learning about one another’s boundaries and figuring out how to fit into those boundaries without losing ourselves.

At the center of every situation we face is the question, why do we share our lives with each other? That’s not supposed to be cynical, but honest. Sharing your life with someone means you have to be vulnerable about your weaknesses and honest about your feelings. It also means you have to carry the weight of your partner’s problems as well. If you never ask yourself why you’re doing it, it could easily just become a habit rather than a choice.

I never want my love or my decision to stay in this relationship, to get married even, to be a habit. And I certainly don’t want to coast through my relationship with my wife. I think that’s especially important now, in the middle of the flurry of wedding planning and the existing stresses of sharing a life for over two years.

So, because I know you’re just dying for something cheesy and gross:

I’m choosing to marry you. I’m choosing to share my life with you every day. Not because it’s easier than the alternative but because it’s a million times better. Because my life is better with you in it. You challenge me, inspire me and give me courage. I am proud of who you are and proud to be on your team. 😉