Party Bus!
Party Bus!

I can’t believe how much fun we had with this crowd, it was absolutely amazing. Our original plan with the party bus was to meet at one end of town and head the opposite direction hitting as many places as possible, I think there were 15 on the list. Then we realized, wait, if we’re having a drink at every place we stop, there’s no way we can make it to all these places and survive. Oh by the way we have drinks on the party bus as well. So we actually only ended up going four places, but it was still a blast.

We had decided to have a “mobster” theme which was a play off of our idea to have “Henchmen” instead of bridesmaids or attendants. That theme kinds of metamorphosed into black-and-leather-sexy-with-suspenders-and-a-fedora. Everyone looked fantastic and I’m excited so many people dressed up!

The ONLY way this party would have been any better is if our out-of-state Henchmen (Nichole, Jeremy and Jayme) could have made it to Washington, but making two trips within three weeks is a bit much. But we definitely missed you guys.

By far the coolest part, for me at least, was seeing our different groups of friends merge and have a great time together. My two best friends (who are both in the wedding) don’t normally hang out with Holly’s friends and afterwards Holly’s friends were talking about how fun they were (I KNOW! That’s why I love them!). Our Henchman, Hanna, who we don’t get to see very often, came over from Seattle and got to meet my sister and sister-in-law. Our friend Teresa had JUST moved into town a few days before and hadn’t met most of the people there but it was like we all knew each other. All these different circles of friends blended together and surrounding us with love. It felt like a preview of the wedding and made me so damn excited. I love all of you people so hard!

(I’m so glad people took photos because I think I only took four the entire night!)

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We’re down to 16 days!