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House Refinance and LIFE Update

They FINALLY recorded the new loan on our house on April 28th, YAY! April was kind of a stressful month with the house refinance looming over us, plus Holly was applying for a new position at work and we were just finally paying off some of my debt from school.

But over the course of two days, we heard that the new loan recorded and Holly got the job!

With that and the fact that we’re down to one year from the wedding (okay, a year and a few days…), May is turning out to be a sort of mile-marker month for us.

Oh, speaking of mile-markers, did I mention I’M TURNING 30 NEXT WEEK?!?


Sarah’s Birthday Weekend

For Christmas Holly’s parents got us a 3-day trip to Kalaloch Lodge. We wanted to go right away, but they suggested waiting until warmer weather so we finally settled on May 10-13 (which just happens to also be my birthday weekend!) so we’ve been looking forward to this trip for months.

Kalaloch is located on the Olympic Peninsula (not too far from Forks, WA), a 6.5 hour drive from our little hometown in eastern Washington.

Our copilot on the way to Kalaloch
Our copilot on the way to Kalaloch

It’s actually a smallish lodge with about 20+ little cabins lined up along the beach. Our little 300 sq foot-ish cabin had a main living space with a dining area, kitchenette, futon, queen size bed and cute wood stove along with another separate bedroom and bathroom. It was just us but this little cabin could easily accommodate two couple or maybe 4 or 5 friends without getting too crowded. The wall separating the beds isn’t a whole wall though, so watch your nighttime activities.


“That wall doesn’t go all the way up…I want to climb it!”

It was an amazing weekend where we did very close to absolutely nothing. There is no internet, very patchy cell service, and no tv. So it was just Holly, Ella and me (pets are welcome too!) exploring the beach, reading, sitting in bed talking, drinking cider and eating pounds of beef jerky and basically just enjoying each other’s company. There was even an impromptu game of tetherball (my long arms outmatched her hulk-like strength).

Holly was feeling crabby
Holly was feeling crabby


Sarah went for a swim
Sarah went for a swim

It was a much needed break from Holly’s crazy work schedule and the weird drama of my life. I can’t imagine a better way to spend my birthday than with this girl.

Us on the beach
Us on the beach



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